Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Songs*41*

Although I try my darndest to upload 5 amazing songs every week, theres not always the time to dedicate to this worthy cause, I also find myself ditching the search half way, knowing I havent quite gathered those pearls. But today I really do feel like I dug up somethin pretty special.

Glassmaps a new artist from Oz/Berlin has made a deep impression with this first song, Innerplace, and a haunting home video to accompany. Similarly, Gallery 47 is channeling something pretty magical.
And Canblaster's track, I think About You is a shiny, electronic dream!

It really is all about dreamin man.......


  1. Hello Juanita :)
    Since this seem to be the only possible way for me asking you something I hope you're not upset that I'm "spamming" your blog post here.
    First of all, congratulations to your very sweet little child. :)
    All I wanted to ask you is if there's any possibility left for buying your Invisible EP? I sadly missed the time it was available to pledgers.
    If so, please reply. Either here or to ma mail:
    t a r i k a l m a s h n i [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m

    Thank you very much
    Your German fan Tarik

  2. Bring it back, sing it back, bring it back! Missing The Golden Lady and her Golden Tunes xoxogg