Monday, 30 July 2012

Road Tripppppin!

So recently we went a road tripping all the way up to France. 
It took a total of 12 hours to get to where we were going, but as always, it's really the journey which counts!
So I started making notes of which albums we were listening to on the way. 
I didn't get everything, but for the most part....a kind of road diary to document our time.

It's really amazing what ebs and flows one can experience all within the confines of your vehicle. Waking up with Washed Out, riding the freeway with Shuggie Otis and getting really bored and frustrated to Wavves....

I would mention all the really cheesy French radio in between, but I won't.

Washed Out- Life of Leisure 
Sharon Van Etton- Tramp

Juliana Hatfield Three- Become What You Are (BEST sing along record of the day!)
Lemonheads- It's a Shame About Ray
The Good, The Bad and The Queen- self titled
Chairlift - Something
Hall and Oates-  Best of (Of course!)

Shuggie Otis-  Inspiration Information
The Jimi Hendrix Experience- Axis: Bold as Love
Tame Impala- Innerspeaker
The Drums- The Drums
MGMT- Congratulations
Radiohead- Kid A
Led Zeppelin- Houses of the Holy
Sebastian Tellier- Sexuality
Vines- Highly Evolved
Wavves- King of the Beach
NERD- Best of
Beyonce-  Dangerously in Love

Snoop Dog- Best of
Destinys child- Survivor
Hype Williams- Blue Dream
Rihanna- SOS
Sleigh Bells-Treats

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  1. It's funny, so glad you've reminded me; this coming Saturday last year I was alone with my favourite CDs, driving home through the night from the very South-West corner of Wales. Moonlit pitch black, endless country roads, passing other cars every 15 minutes or so if that. I was buzzing and soaked to the bones having sat going round and round on a favourite roller coaster for an hour in a deserted theme park post closing time with my crazy friends, in the heaviest downpours of rain you could imagine. I put HB by HB on at the witching hour; as I wound up and up through the mountains to the pass. Stormclouds brought darkness and the rain began, then kept on pounding heavier and heavier until I reached the top and when it magically ceased, ushering in a sudden calm. Blessed Night began and cut crystal clear through the quiet after the hammering rain at this exact moment, the sky cleared, the moon came casting light to reveal the valley stretching below as I began the descent... It was the most beautiful moment of my life.