Friday, 20 July 2012

Better Days...

Having my laptop stolen recently meant I've been unable to update my blog for a couple weeks   :(
The thought of all those wonderful photos and songs which have now been lost forever in cyber cosmos breaks my heart a lil.

On a more positive note, via old emails and friends hard drives, I've managed to retrieve a lot of files.

SO in the interest of looking onwards and upwards, here are some pictures that will always make me smile, hopefully you too!


  1. Great to hear you're OK and glad that you're staying strong & thinking positive - finding those photos touching as they make me smile.
    Missed your posts and have kept thinking kind thoughts.
    Robbery is second to the worst thing I've ever gone through in life; hard to describe the sheer doom you feel when you find a stranger's invaded your personal space and made off with things so precious to you... I can't imagine how hard it was for you since they didn't steal my beloved hard drives, only a practically new xmas pressie PS3, a monitor and my passport (the lack of home insuance cover being the worst sting - foolish!).
    Be proud! I'm sure I couldn't've coped like how u have with what you've gone through, esp with your ongoing album work and moreso your baby due so soon. What a World. Sometimes it's so hard to have Faith.
    On an aside (hope u don't mind)- many people who believe the music of Metric has a tremendous healing power, it has got me and many through some of the toughest times - a song for you: Dreams so Real
    I know you'll build your life back better than it ever was, and that your memories will be with you in your mind always!
    Wishing U the Very Best.