Saturday, 7 April 2012

Paparrazi Baby!

He famously lost five teeth in 1973 when Marlon Brando punched him in the face (Galella was following him into a restaurant). Galella's favorite subject, Jackie Onassis, took him to court in 1972 and obtained a restraining order to keep him 50 feet away from her and 75 feet away from her children.
NY Magazine recently did a story on the legendary photographer, or as Times Magazine titled him"the Godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture".

A few years back I went to see an exhibition of his work in Rome and was completely enamoured by his photographs. The looks of complete and utter dismay and disgust from the celebrities he photographed were admittedly captivating. And although, interrogating and invading celebrities intimate space is the norm today, this was the first time anyone had pushed the boundaries of privacy in this way. 

Despite his questionable morals, Galella's dogged practices resulted in many iconic images of American celebrities. 

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